Final Thesis Approval Granted

This feels very anticlimactic. I’m pretty sure purgatory is a masters thesis that never ends. It’s hard to believe I’m actually… finished?

The last time I finished a masters degree I launched right into the next one. I didn’t have time for post-thesis depression. I’m wondering how hard it might hit me this time around.

Thesis defence successful! I’ll try and post a celebratory photo once I am allowed to leave my house: I still have many revisions/edits to make. And, er, formatting. Lots of formatting. All the formatting.


**  Landscape Architecture - MLA Master’s Examination  **

The final examination for Sarah Osborne will be held via Skype on Monday, August 25, 2014 at 1:30 pm in Room 133 of the Landscape Architecture building.  
The thesis is “Defining and Designing the Literary Landscape Sites of Lucy Maud Montgomery.
Advisor:  Cecelia Paine
Advisory Committee Member:  Jessica Tivy
Chair of Exam:  Karen Landman

All welcome to attend.